About Relationship


Let me introduce myself!

My name Is Neil Mason and I’m a relationship coach. I help people achieve a great relationship. I help you find your ideal partner and achieve that golden great relationship. If you’re already in a committed relationship, I help you work through troubles and achieve a stable and deep relationship.


"Know Yourself , Know Others,  Master Yourself , Master Others."

~ Coach Neil Mason

4 Pillars of the Good Life



That is your physical health. The things you eat and put in your body and the fluids that you drink. Exercise, body flexibility and everything you related to your body. If your body is in super state you can achieve anything in this world.



That is your money and finances. You make money then you need to protect your money and grow it further which is the center point of Neil Mason’s wealth philosophy that enhances individuals business and entrepreneurship abilities 



That is your relationship with your partner, loving, erotic’s and romanticism. Do you hold hands? Are you dominant over your partner or are you just looking for a deeper connection. Neil Mason’s love philosophy is wide as horizons.

Mind Wealth

Mental Wellness

That is taking the best care of your mind and thought process. Keeping anxiety, depression, addictions, drugs and alcohol away to have a perfect balance between body and mind.

Married, Co-Habitation, Contemplating divorce, Domestic Violence & Abuse Victims

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to help as many people as we can achieve a great relationship. It’s never too late to achieve a great relationship. We have helped people who have been single for 10 years, find their ideal partner and describe their relationship as a great. We have become so good at mastering this process over the years, that we guarantee you will achieve a great relationship.

Why Coach Neil Mason!

Coach Neil Mason has great experience regarding relationship development service. When it comes to love and infatuation, we make decisions with our hearts and souls about the right mate. Concurrently, we make decisions based on vanity, how our partner looks, or how they match sexually. Aesthetics are a real variable in selecting a mate.

Coach Neil’s matter of fact approach is refreshing, because as a neutral party and  unbiased observer he tells you the truth. The best consultants, consigliore’s, and advisors are often blind observers. Coach  Neil analyzes the data and facts to provide insights into your specific situation.


Coach Neil currently has a team of Doctors (NMD naturopathic, psychologists, therapists and Intimacy coaches) that are available to all clients either in person or remote via zoom. Confidentiality and discretion is of the highest importance. NDAs are available upon request
Coach Neil Mason