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Neil Mason, “Coach Neil”  has been an entrepreneur since the age of 16.  Born and raised in Toronto Ontario, Canada to a single mother; Coach Neil managed a paper route at the age of 12; sold cologne and Encyclopedia Britannica door to door at the age of 14; and he was a top performer in the AMWAY company at the age of 16.  

Over the next 17 years, he has helped more than 400+ girls get full scholarships (40 million dollars in awards) to schools such as Duke, Stanford, Penn State, Yale, USC, and Harvard. 

As an entrepreneur, Mason has generated almost 16 Million dollars in sales revenue in various industries including Youth Sports, Supply Chain , Direct Sales, clothing brand and line, licensing, and Medical soft goods and Consumer Products

Coach Neil with National Champion Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban


Coach Neil has had partnerships with the following organizations, companies and firms.

Coach Neil with Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg
“The Real Life Jerry Maguire”

Coach Neil currently advises and consults with both  start-up companies and mature brands.  He focusses on a variety of topics with the CEOs on several strategize to include:

The 5 C's of A Good Leadership

5 C's

Coach Neil Mason with Top
Multi-level Companies

Coach Neil Mason has worked with and coached several top performers, many network marketing companies including Amway, Herbalife, Yor Health, Kangen, Arbonne, and many more!

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Coach Neil with Kansas City Chiefs owner Clarke Hunt

“Right person right job always beats the better person for the wrong job”


Coach Neil with NFL Hall of Famer Earl Campbell

“Right person right job always beats the better person for the wrong job”

supply chain of multi-products
At port of lA

Coach Neil has created, manufactured and managed the supply chain for several products in the last decade.  He has imported more than 15 full containers worth of products to the port of LA to include

Coach Neil has three proprietary

Coach Neil has access to three proprietary technologies that test for the Dark Triad

test for detailed H.E.X.A.C.O scores for each client

Coach Neil Mason with the amazing motivational speaker Dr. Eric Thomas

Coach Neil Mason

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